Introducing Android Lounge!

    Android Lounge acts as your one-stop destination for all news related to Android. You can post casual discussions on Android and Android related news. Discuss news, information and cool developments that you might discover in and around the world of Android.

    General rules for posting on Android Lounge.

    1. Please post news from legitimate sources.

    2. Affiliate Links or pages containing Affiliate Links will be removed.

    3. Please don’t start multiple threads on the same news article. Threads will be merged/deleted based on earlier time-stamps

    4. Please stick to discussions and avoid insinuations.

    5. Please avoid posting threads out of the purview of Android Lounge - For Mark 1 Issues there is a separate category, similarly for Suggest a Feature

    6. Please avoid personal attacks and comments on your fellow Fuel Community users. Abusive language will not be tolerated.

    7. Discussions are NOT limited to Fuel, CREO or the Mark 1. Please feel free to discuss any phone, brand or technology whilst keeping care that you stick to Android

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