[OFFICIAL] [SUBFORUM RULES] Android Tips and Tricks


    Android is full of surprises, and with the size of both its user-base and the app universe, there are so many cool hacks, tips and tricks that each of us have discovered and would like to let the world know!

    What can you post? - There are no strict rules on what can be posted. It can be a tutorial, or a FAQ/DIY, or a video which you think might be useful to the community here.

    1. Any form of advertising or click-garnering posts would be deleted.

    2. Before posting a trick/advice, please conduct a quick search to check for repetition

    3. Kindly avoid attacking brands/individuals

    4. Please avoid posting threads out of the purview of this Forum Category - For Eg. For Mark 1 Issues there is a separate category and similarly for Suggest a Feature

    5. Please avoid personal attacks and comments on your fellow Fuel Community users. Abusive language will not be tolerated.

    6. Tips/Tricks are NOT limited to Fuel, CREO or the Mark 1. Please feel free to add any cool trick/hack/advice that you know about Android in general or anything else which is new and useful to the community.

    7. Replies or posts not pertaining to the Thread Topic will be deleted.