dying phone battery - dead phone - two month old creo bought from creosense

  • Anyone else here experiencing dead phone?

    I have been using this phone for two months now.The phone died on me yesterday. nothing will bring it back from dead :((
    For a month, it would randomly drain battery and connecting it to power source would restart the phone. But now nothing helps.
    The nearest creo service center does not answer phone calls and creo suport line is celebrating eid today.
    I was expecting decent quality of product and service if not excellent. I am LET DOWN :( :(

  • CREO Support

    @shsmark1 Hi Smitha, sorry for the inconvenience, we have raised a support request #604 on your behalf. Kindly provide the requested information for appropriate action.

  • Dear Nishant,
    Before posting it on the Forum, I had sent a detailed mail to support@creosense.com with my contact details. I am yet to receive any reply. Sent my contact details to the new ticket raised by you.
    So I understand you dont really look into any issue unless it is made oublic? :( also your support line went unanswered today while the service center people responded.I have handed over the phone along with original tax invoice. They say battery is fine but the motherboard is gone :(

    They also said they have sent mail to CREO and yet to receive any reply.
    You have already wasted two days of my productive time running behind what seems like a hopeless pursuit :( :( :(