BYE BYE CREO...Switching back

  • Hi…

    Am going to give up CREO phone and switch back to IOS again.
    I have found this software being interesting and bought CREO switch from IOS to android after using IOS for morethan 4 years.
    but completely disappointed with lagging phone,battery issues and clarity issues and no much hope on monthly issues and severe heating issues on the regular and normal usage also.


  • Bro android a open community os…So it is not possible full stable .And IOS and windows has few rules they never permission to edit system or core ideas…Even you know why windows store has less apps because they not provide full access…Also in 1st day I post why this phone killer itself…1st qhd screen never able to run with heliox x10 true octa core,to run this 2k display processor need more power and also heliox always battery hungry 3100 mah never provide proper support…

  • After buying and such a huge price drop we can’t do anything really disappointed CREO team we haven’t seen amazing things this has done till now super duper lag phone not productive drains charge like dripping water can’t do anything about it i own it this time😼😑😕

  • @CREO-Team @srinjoy @Subodhk how about upgrading our batteries (i mean,physically change the battery at nearest service centres with the upgraded batteries) Idk how it sounds at ur end,but that’s all I can think off right now as a solution.
    Cheers guys✌😀

  • @imon-ghosh bro awesome idea it will realllllly help @CREO-Team @Product-Team @administrators please tell us if it’s possible

  • @imon-ghosh To hard bro 1st they need pay big amount to change all device battery.Also that is not a good sign that a brand release a device then change specification so not possible.Now another option yutopia they said when yutopia 2 launch they exchange with previous version.Now creo mark has option to provide this…Next device customer able to exchange and get maximum value…

  • @arka2020 really! I didn’t knew but it will be good if some news come from them

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