Fuel OS - update not working from beta

  • Dear @Product-Team,

    I have got fuel OS version after I get it from service center. Now when I go to refuel app, System says your OS is up to date. Please help.


  • @Product-Team I have taken phone to service center and they didn’t resolve the problem. Then I contacted the support for the issue shared the screen shots and they asked me they will arrange callback. I appreciate support team works on Sunday. After call they asked me to get to HSR layout center. I drove 60km up and down on Sunday for this. In HSR layout center they tried for around 2hrs and unable to fix the issue. Then they asked me to take it to Indira Nagar. But I am traveling out of India. I am not sure if you guys will ever release full os update. Or you guys should release downloadable version which can be used to flash from recovery. Hoping to hear from you.


  • Product Team

    @Shivashankar-Guddadmath sorry for the inconvenience. @Subodh-Kolhe please arrange my call with him at the earliest.


    @Shivashankar-Guddadmath Have dropped you a mail regarding the same, do check :thumbsup: @Gulsher-Singh

  • Thanks to Creo support I am back on mark 1.


    @Shivashankar-Guddadmath thank you sir! It was good meeting you and discovering few amazing insights :)

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