Battery Heating, Ringtone

  • In this phone we have few back logs.

    1. We don’t have option to make ringtone for dual sim. Have to select one ringtone for both sim.
    2. Can’t able to select multiple contacts.
    3. Phone heating badly and charge is getting dry soon. So better we can suggest battery saver mode. Super saving, super pro mode like.

  • I am also face this problems… This device hang and heating problems. Front camera not working properly. Its hang up.

  • The fast charging is the main culprit fr this… Try using blue colored normal charging cable available at . It may stop the excess heatng problm and fast drainage of battery!!! It costs mere 100₹

  • @saran bro where is it in that page i couldn’t find can u give me exact link???

  • @lk_2020 yes same issue. While taking photo its got hang

  • @saran where do I find the blue cable in the website !!
    to order the same??

  • @imon-ghosh sry bro!! Slow internet cnxn!!! Cant search fr it!!

  • @saran OK bro…let me know when I can order…! 👌✌

  • Battery Heating problem