No network available

  • Pls do something about it Creo team as I have spent 20 k for this phone and whenever I want to call someone it shows NO NETWORK how frustrating is that if I put my sim card in another phone at the same place it works perfectly fix this network issue at the earliest if. Creo can???

  • Yes yes recently i have been also facing it too

  • From yesterday my phone network also gone.Very is not back.
    Pleas do something.

  • Where is the call block optinn.

  • Now a days i an seeing no network and emergency calls only very often but one i click on airplane mode for multiple times it returns to normal😓😵😨

  • @Girija-Das @Girija-Das it is true I am facing same issue from last two days I use different sim cards but same no service, no network. Creo what is this. Creo u r true you r create new technology, but this is not new phone every month, this is new issue or problem every week or on day.

  • @asclch2 chill bro they will fix it this July update really!!! Hope so✌😽

  • CREO Support

    @Sarabjeet-Singh Hi, one of our engineers will be reaching you. We appreciate your patience.

  • @Sober-Barik i too am having this problem since a couple of weeks. It was not there before but now the cellular network goes away frequently and even the wifi connectivity is not good.

  • @Sober-Barik Hello sober from last three days I don’t get any signal strength of network. You know what is the effects of this bug no calls, no net, no what’s up I.e. how u feel if u don’t get access of this by a short problem.

  • @Sober-Barik Give us a proper solution of this issue,because I can’t wait for July update. I tried lot of things like phone factory reset, network search manual and automatic, delete some network access apps.
    Please do something for good network strength.

  • We can’t wait for bug fix update for 1 months and at last get only 2-3 fixes💔😾😼

  • @Girija-Das u write very easy wait for month, because of ur network not creating a problem.what I m written in my issue do not not get single network from last three days. You can use your phone without any network, but I can’t. This is not network problem in my area. Phone not capable to catch low range of signal. In my office network is good , but in my house network dead. Office stay time 8 to 9 hrs and remaining hrs I stay at home. So u tell me I m wrong. I just want little extra help before updating.

  • @Girija-Das Sorry Girija I wrote this topic to u, because of I think u support one month update.

  • @asclch2 come on man turn on and off your flight mode for sometime on for 10 sec and off to see if network arrives and do it 3 times within that it will be okayokay
    And i don’t support 1 month bug fix it is really irritating and frustrating and i have full 3g connectivity by the method i told u tell me if it works and that no network it is little frequent right now i
    Think new bug also come with updates

  • @Sober-Barik
    I still haven’t got the solution ur engineer calls once after that no reply pls reply me asap

  • Product Team

    @Sarabjeet-Singh sorry to hear that, it should not be the case. @Sober-Barik please arrange a call at earliest.

  • CREO Support

    @Sarabjeet-Singh Sorry for the inconvenience, here I can see your case that you have been requested to reach us once you try with different SIM and the issue still persists.

  • I dropped it my phone to service center & they will take 1 month for check & reslove the network issue. They don’t have time to check phone network at a time. Wow what a service center. Creo you need to open your service center not a third-party.

  • @Gulsher-Singh @Subodhk so many users have n/w issues…i have been complaining for ages…calling one customer may not help when the problem is wide spread… Pls refer to my earlier posts and atleast evaluate s/w bugs…

  • @Sober-Barik
    Sir pls reply my network issue is still there pls provide me the solution plssss

  • CREO Support

    @asclch2 Hi, Could you please share your jobsheet number.

  • CREO Support

    @Sarabjeet-Singh Kindly reply to the email we have sent you.

  • @Nishant sir I had replied to ur mail , already if u want to diagnose my phone I have no problem in that pls arrange a pickup if u can?

  • CREO Support

    @Sarabjeet-Singh Please share your shipping details, we have already requested the same on the email.

  • Even I am facing network issues. Most of the time it shows no network in sim 1

  • Hii guyz,
    even i was facing the same problem with the mark1 i’ve followed following steps to get it fixed:

    • replace your current simcard with new one from your carrier

    • Try changing network modes i.e. 2G if you feel your 3G or 4G signal is weak

    • If you are using hand cut micro sim then replace it with pre-cut micro sim from your respective carrier

    hope this solve your problem tooo

  • @Pushkar2gr8 even i tried this it’s working fine now…cheers

  • CREO Support

    @vijay Hi vijay, we have sent you an email requesting further details on this issue. Kindly verify the details and get back to us.

  • please check the link if you are still having the same problems

  • Product Team

    Guys. I know its a severe issue. But right now major carriers like AIRTEL and others are undergoing some sort of upgrades and maintenance. So, there are a lot of network issues seen in may parts of india. Please have some patience, this is a temporary issue and should get resolved soon.Meanwhile please contact your respective carriers for more clarity .You can see a detailed report and complaints by users in past few days .

    We are working from our end to find some alternative to help you get out of this grim situation.

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