Issues with June update!

  • Hi all, here are the issues I recently discovered. Please reply if anyone else is facing the same issue.

    1. The profiles in viper4android
      Whenever I create a profile and customize it, it asks me to save it as a new profile. This is the most annoying thing. Going by the definition, customize must edit that profile instead of asking us to create a new one. Needs a quick fix really.

    2. FM Reception
      I don’t know why nobody raised this issue yet. The FM does not work when device is unlocked. It only works when the screen is off. When device is unlocked it only throws static noise and returns to normal when locked again.
      This is really a troublemaker. I am afraid to use my Mark 1 while listening to my favourite station so as to spare my ears from blowing up by static noise.

    3. Touch screen
      This is another weird thing going with the device. The touch screen does not respond properly when the device is charging. Ex: while typing the swipe will drop in middle, while playing game the character will stop moving (GTA-SA) until you again take control. This is again the most annoying thing. Makes my conversation go weird and I loose as toughest missions in game just because the touch won’t respond while device is charging.

    Guys please do the same and respond if you are also facing same issues. This really needs a quick fix.

  • @Vaibhav-Ruhel For the 3rd issue, it is due to the heating of the handset during the charging. Since it’s using Fast Charging, the device will heat up significantly, and it’s quite normal. During this heated stage, the device will become unresponsive. I have seen similar issues with iPhone, Motorola and Samsung too.

  • @saikatsakura thanks! I have a workaround for the unresponsive touch but not for FM and the equalizer. 😥

  • Product Team

    @Vaibhav-Ruhel thank you for sharing your views and kind suggestion.

    1. The profiles in Audio FX
      The default profiles were provided with the right mix to suit different genres of song ranging from rock to EDM. During our UX testing session we observed that a lot of users ended up changing the defaults but wanted to access them in a later point of time. Therefore, the choice was made to let users edit an existing profile as a starting base but save the changes into a different profile.

    2. FM Reception
      This shouldn’t happen, this is not the expected behavior. Please help us narrow down the problem by answering the following questions -

    a. Are you using a third party FM app? If yes, please name the app.
    b. Do you use earphones or speakers for listening to the FM?

    @Sober-Barik please assist Vaibhav with this bit.

    1. Touch Screen
      @saikatsakura 's answer is near perfect. Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

  • @Gulsher-Singh: I use the inbuilt app for the FM and I use that in headphones!

  • @Vaibhav-Ruhel anyone still onboard to help me out with this? I’ve raised a ticket as well for the same. :-/

  • CREO Support

    @Vaibhav-Ruhel Hi, our support team are contacting you, but unfortunately we couldn’t reach. Please share your Ticket number or your registered mail id.

  • @Sober-Barik Request# 540. Email ID is The CREO team was proactively contacting me for the feedback via phone and mail in early days, Not sure how they lost the contact now! Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks guys!