Marshmallow update for mark 1

  • Please bring marshmallow update to mark 1 please because now all devices are bringing marshmallow even budget handsets are getting marshmallow update please bring update as soon as possible in July update please

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia bro we asked so much they don’t reply to it now all my friends are on marshmallowI am being the odd one and can’t reply them if i have marshmallow, let’s see how much time they need to reply us😥

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia You won’t be getting Marshmallow soon.
    Well, because your device uses a processor made by MediaTek. a company famous for not releasing source code. Just search on Google how MeadiaTek messed up “Android One” programme by delaying the release of source code, which delayed updates to Android One devices. Even Google had hard time dealing with MediaTek, so think about what will be the condition of a new Start-up like CREO.

    Why MediaTek doesn’t release source code?
    Well, Mediatek will happily release the source code for their processors but at a price (which is against the GPL policies Android is distributed under). You can contact Mediatek now and pay for a license for your chip, but how many thousands of $ would they ask we don’t know, and the fact is it should be free.

    Mediatek don’t want to offer source code as it forces customers to upgrade their phones to the next version with the latest processor.

    Which is ironically, opposite to CREO’s update policy.

    Anyway, now Why should Mediatek release the source code?
    Releasing source code would;
    Save Mediatek money in development costs.
    Ensure Mediatek phones have up to date firmware.
    Ensure prompt security and bug fixes.

    That’s why I guess you havent yet received any Monthly Security Patch.

  • @aniruddha-patil This is just my opinion, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  • @aniruddha-patil really useful information and creo team please reply!!! @sai-srinivas @CREO-Team at least reply…

  • @aniruddha-patil that’s true but I contacted CREO 1 month back they were working on this then I don’t know what happened

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia how about we ask them on July 1??? But if u guys @CREO-Team see this please reply!!!

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia Yup. I’ve asked same query “3 Months” before. Rest is the history. Here:

  • @CREO-Team please provide the marshmallow update date or else provide us a theme store if u are planning marshmallow update it to be given to us on august

  • @Girija-Das I am changing smartphone to mi Max very much lag in this

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia OK bro u are rich one but i have to stick to it till all the bugs are fixed😧by the way congrats bro on buying mi max😜👍

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia and one thing xiaomi phones are beast in all platform but ultimate one in performance, don’t know what tweak they included in miui but i hope creo can also become beast keep on trying guys🙋👍✌👌

  • @Girija-Das no man I am not so rich I have not bought still I would be buying vibe x3 in few days by selling this phone and buying a new vibe x3

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia i will miss u bro good bye😼😧😢

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia hey bro why don’t u wait for this July update to see if it fixes the necessary bugs??? What do u say???😓

  • @Girija-Das I will wait for July update don’t worry I am not leaving

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia I am not leaving CREO forum and CREO mark 1 now first I will see July update

  • @Girija-Das don’t wory bro

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia oooh cool😎

  • This month marshmallow update is coming please reply any of CREO team we are very frustrated of problem and lags

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia what??? Marshmallow update???

  • @Girija-Das still not confirmed kept asking them but no reply from the support team

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia as expected😏

  • @CREO-Team guys marshmallow is on 13.3% devices but still now no news on it
    Reply guys!!! What are u doing???

  • @administrators @CREO-Team guys now a days share it like apps are giving Special features only for marshmallow how much more time do you need from day 1 we are asking repeatedly why are u not replying nor confirming😤

  • @Girija-Das I am surprised you guys are still crying out for this. @aniruddha-patil has given the perfect reason for which marshmallow might not be available in CREO mark 1 at all. There is a high possibility you will never get it at all.

  • @saikatsakura okay then why didn’t they worked on marshmallow from starting or then why didn’t they used SD or why did they even told us that they are working on it before 3 months and how do android one get update by Special deal with Google they are mediatek right?

  • @Girija-Das I have no idea bro :| … Ask the CREO team

  • @saikatsakura I was only asking that only bro I think you misunderstood me there😛

  • @Girija-Das Hi friend, I understand the frustration consumers using Lollipop has when most of the android phones available in the market have shifted to Marshmallow, or will in the future. I believe CREO wanted to launch the product quickly to benefit from the hype and hence they went with lollipop and could not find time to think of marshmallow update. How much the CREO had been sold, or how much the market had been penetrated, i do not know. If they have good market penetration, they can plan to roll out marshmallow, or they can partner with other OEMs to cash on their Fuel OS, which is the only thing that has a fighting chance in the market, because the hardware is below par. And recently someone shared a link to a newspaper article that CREO is actually looking into partnering with other OEMs. So, if they do that, there is even less chance of marshmallow upgrade happening for Mark 1.

  • @saikatsakura I got u man then now I have to wait for another 2 years to get myself a new phone and this time no mistake😒

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