List of Basic Issues with Mark 1 that need fixing

    1. Dialler is still buggy…slow to respond , sometimes no response. After June update , can’t see the change even after a Factory reset.

    2 ) Buggy interface , laggy , slow , overall very frustrating

    3 )Network locking is very poor. Only likes 2G and doesn’t even lock to network on roaming. be acknowledged and investigated.

    4 ) Adaptive Brightness doesn’t work. The sensor works when tested , but the functionality doesn’t. So definitely a software bug.

    5 ) Camera response , quality , shutter speed is poor. 21 MP is wasted.

    6 ) Contact Manager doesn’t give options to delete multiples , merge contacts , etc that can be quite bugging.

    7 ) RAM Management is inadequate and does.slow the phone down

    8 )/Replay of Echo is also buggy, plays from speaker or ear piece randomly

    Please investigate thoroughly as these are basic issues and not demands of better features.

    There are some good parts as well.
    Echo is brilliant , Audio enhancement is really good , screen is great , call quality is good , battery life has improved , heating issues have reduced .

    Improvement is required to sustain brand credibility and return value for the price paid. For 19999 definitely deserve more.

    However, things are improving and would hope the process is faster to the fixes.

  • @chrispaddy yeah if it will be fast it will be good for us too😋waiting for reply from Creo @Mr-Wolf about official release of update for fixing all bugs as we mentioned…

  • Product Team

    Hey @chrispaddy thanks for putting up your concerns and the things you like about Mark 1. I assure that these are noted for further investigation.

    Points 1, 6 and 8 will be resolved in the coming two updates. For the rest of the points let me connect with you over a call for some more details that will help us zero down on the problem.

    @Subodhk can you fix up a time for a call as per @chrispaddy and @Girija-Das 's convenience?


    @Girija-Das @chrispaddy Guys, please do check your inbox! Have sent the call request mails :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • For the contact manager, if I search the contact based on the company in which the person is working, then it doesn’t search.

    For e.g. if I search Siemens, then all contacts with organization Siemens should show.

    This is a very basic business friendly feature already present in lot of phones.

  • @Subodh-Kolhe accepted the invite

  • When will the point5 mentioned by @chrispaddy gets resolved


    @chrispaddy Can you please check your inbox?

  • @Subodhk @gulsher singh guys i forgot to say 1 thing that i need to dial twice for ussd codes please see into this🙇

  • Product Team

    @Girija-Das noted.

  • @Subodhk @Gulsher-Singh call awaited as mentioned earlier…

  • @CREO-Support I have found one more issue here, not able to record the calls if default write disk is SDCARD , throwing error message as unable to access SD card , this is very basic thing, please fix it soon , not able to upload screenshot here


    @chrispaddy We tried reaching you 5 times day before yesterday but your phone was unreachable. Can you provide us with an alternate number?

  • @Subodhk 9860059824 or 9764975430

  • @CREO-Support what about camera issues, when you guys going to solve this , also while getting Incoming calls screen is blank for 5 to 10 secs , when u going to solve this

  • Guys everyone keep ur praises and complaints ready to say after July update we shall see👍

  • really iam very disappointed with phone camera , should take this as first priority and give the fix , also no information about creo mark 1 accessories , especially screen guard because phone is already suffering with scratches , screen guard is very important thing

  • @Subodhk @Gulsher-Singh I and many other creo users reported a problem that the screen stays dark when a call come in and lights up only after 5-10 secs. I was told that these would be looked at during the next update but still nothing has happened.
    Also PLEASE look into the dialer and camera problem. The camera is so low and the shutter speed is VERY very poor. PLEASE look into these.


    @Yogesh-Gattani Yogesh, we are patiently hearing all the feedback we get and working on resolving these issues. Few issues do take time for us to re-create and debug, but be rest assured we will resolve these issues. With every update, we are releasing optimization fixes to render always improving experience.

    In any case, do drop me a mail at subodh (at) creosense (dot) com and share your issue, we shall try our best to make sure you enjoy a great experience :thumbsup:

    In the last week, we had call with @Girija-Das to understand the issues he is facing, probably if you are free we could setup a call with you too. This definately helps us to make android better together with you all :raised_hands:

  • @Yogesh-Gattani yes bro u should talk with them it really can ease u like did to me👍

  • @Subodhk : camera is worst when compared to mi4i. Focus takes more time in low light. Shutter speed is very slow.

  • @Subodhk Creo Guys you need to compulsory resolve network connection issues. It should be always connected when we change network 2g to 3g network disconnected. You can check you network issues*##4636##* try you change your phone setting from 2g to 3g and fail this no and check phone information it still on Gsm auto. It means your phone setting command not corelate with phone system.

  • @Subodhk need to add upcoming update creo mark 1 capture low frequency ranges of signal. It is most important. Creo not able to connect in open space so what it will do at a time basement.

  • @asclch2 listen bro i have already fixed it how
    -go to settings and turn it to 3g option
    -go to phone information and check the net mode option to wcdma only done👍😜

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