A new aswam and full fresh technology

  • Today we know number of users has double whatsapp account for office and other family or friends ,2 facebook account even few has double coc accounts.In this case need to carry two smartphone,But if use technology like parallel space then a duel sim users able to use all apps with two accounts.In simple form 1 st add users which app he/she want to use dual accounts then a virtual space store all information.By download parallel-app user able to use two account but if creo add this in update then after “EVERY MONTH A NEW PHONE” tag line with a more tag line like “DUAL IN ONE”.😋

  • A wonderful idea!!!

  • @arka2020 @srinjoy ,@Subodhk check this suggestion…So hot in today technology…cool ui use this,even miui also use same…

  • @arka2020 yeah may be a creo theme store

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