bug fix only july update

  • Guys this July only provide bug fixing only this one topic to fix all existing bugs then new features

  • It’s true. Guys (CREO) you are doing best, but we don’t want any new features or app in our Mark1 without resolve bugs issues.
    Creo guys you have to now something very well if you guys don’t fix present bugs what they effects on Mark1.

    1. Slow camera shutter speed, so what is benefits about of 21MP camera. No one can steady his or her hand on every photo.

    2. Apps to SD option is missing in Mark1. Lag of this option some heavy games lover or crazy about Apps not have any benifit 128GB extended memory.

    3. Battery Draining issue. If it is not resolved ASAP so we don’t have any benifit about 3000mah battery. It is already less as per Mark1 new technology. Drain like this charge phone 2 time in a day battery gone dead in a few months.

    4. Stable network or wifi connectivity. It’s very bad effected for phone processor.

    This all my personal thinking and i think it is not wrong. MIUI os is great in every thing whatever it is wifi, camera, data save mode or other many things. You can check and try make your standard like MIUI.

    Thanx & Regard

  • @asclch2 bro u forgot one thing performance it’s worst in this version,
    We think providing updates and bug fix with 70 people is lot to ask about so this July only bug fix
    -@CREO-Team includes performance and network stability😉it will give u more time To Sort all mentioned Bugs Instead Of Thinking For New Features👍

  • Yeah there should be only bug fix they should give update in a week for fixes of camera performance games are still laging like asphalt 8 modern combat 5 performance fixes lag and framedrops please creo team I request you to solve this problem

  • Hey guys,
    Use Normal charger instead of Creo charger. Then you don’t see any issues with battery.

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