Soft Reminder: Launch a new ₹10K device

  • I’m really happy that you guys are doing well and following your promise of monthly updates.

    Now before coming to the main point I’d like to give a short disclaimer:
    Following is purely my opinion and you might feel that I’m introvert or ignorant person. But believe me, I’m not.

    Now to the point:

    1. It’s been 2 months Mark 1 is in market but has only received, kind of, lukewarm response.

    2. This is definitely not a good sign. On the positive note, FuelOS is definitely way better than any other OS/UI available in market.

    3. All it needs is, to reach more and more hands which will in turn make it more popular. What I feel is, this is simply not possible with Mark 1 priced at ₹20000.

    I’ve already provided a solution. Here:

    All you need to do is launch a ~10K phone with competitive specs like mentioned in above posts and boom! You’ll become successful overnight.

    Even Chinese OEMs have understood Indian market way better than Indians themselves. That’s why a country having 1.2 billion population doesn’t have its own Smartphone brand.

    It’s my sincere request, that you’ll take this post positively and soon do the needful.


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