Why are some journalists biased?

  • Why are some journalists always trying to pull down brands?
    We should support creo in this discussion. Although their official response has clarified the simple meaning of a new phone every month.

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  • @iambatman good job :) These people don’t understand the efforts CREO team is putting in making sure update goes every month!

  • Hmmmm. @CREO-Team how big is your team?

  • How can they say when they used for 2 days😠😬😡i think they don’t want creo to rise,crabs only pull legs we are the user we don’t complain they standby users keep on highlight mistakes only


    @iambatman We’re a bunch of 70 crazy people working on making better!

  • @Vartika-Verma cool😎start small continue big🙌

  • @iambatman hey bro…stop worrying to these pity issues (news). at the end of the day, we the Users & the Makers (Creo FAM) actually know how everything works…so we all winners 😀

  • @imon-ghosh We’re all makers! Thanks for looking out for us and for helping us make better :)

  • This had been the attitude with quite a few indian smart phone review channels. While they go head over heels on chinese handsets, anything out of india is by default bullshit for them. Really pathetic attitude…

  • @saikatsakura yes u are right man they think company like this will fall mid road only😒😠😬😡

  • @saikatsakura Maybe that will change when they see a success story from here. But yeah, Make In India is talked about, but never encouraged.

  • @Vartika-Verma that’s why no wonder why u people need more time to release m os updates its okay but better late than never☺

  • @iambatman good observer

  • Its exiting and unique for the users to be part of the change and improvements they want to see in their phone. This is a big plus point.

  • Maybe Creo forgot to invite him to the launch party earlier :) …

    I think we should ignore such kinds. Also if you look at his timeline, it’s mostly a rant on something he didn’t get…

  • I just wanted to qoute on CREO Behalf for the above incident, which I really believes.
    “When peoples starts talking against you, it means that you are growing”

  • @Shaikh-Abu-Sofiyan well said😉

  • we all must tweet to him that the update is live? Creo delivered their promise and the update is amazing

  • @sabu sadly he will still crib about the fact it didnt come on the 13th … Hopefully he feels music to his ears.

  • @sabu said:

    @iambatman good job :) These people don’t understand the efforts CREO team is putting in making sure update goes every month!

    It’s really good to know that some people r jealous of us 😉 we r proud to be associated with CREO

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