Have you dropped it yet?

  • Has anyone dropped their Mark 1 yet? I dropped off mine accidently from 3 feet while it was charging. It survived the fall without a single scratch although the USB got damaged internally.

  • @Vaibhav-Ruhel seriously can u post a photo of ur phone???

  • @Girija-Das I would have but as I said that it’s perfectly fine. No scratches either, so it’s almost as new!

  • @Vaibhav-Ruhel i don’t believe u coz i got a very little scratch on my screen without even falling it.

  • @Girija-Das said:

    @Vaibhav-Ruhel i don’t believe u coz i got a very little scratch on my screen without even dropping it.

  • I got some scratches but not by falling from a height… Where as when it fell from my bike it didnt had a single scratch… The mobile literally bounced on roads but no scratch really… The scratches I got was rather due to rubbing with stones while testing gorilla glass😛😝😝

  • @Girija-Das Hey buddy, same here and I raised that issue here on another post and complaint about it to the feedback team. They were supposed to get back to me but not it’s almost a month. I got a scratch on my screen too and it is before I dropped it.

  • I did no testing, but after 2 months use, my screen is full of hairline scratches. Though it takes an angle to view them, it’s there.

    This phone badly needs tempered guard. Hope @CREO-Team reconsiders.

  • @abbykoshy tired of asking and telling them😖

  • Mine dropped from the sofa and got a bad dent on the lower left corner with a prominent crack at the back too. After that have always used it with the cover, as the glass body is really slippery.

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