What are we expecting on June 13th update ?

  • Eagerly waiting for June 13th update . .
    Few things expected -
    Camera fix ,
    Adaptive brightness ,
    Call hold button
    Auto recording voice calls
    Data monitor in data saver .

    What are you waiting for ?

  • @Pradeep-Jayabal -best and immersive audio clarity.
    -proper battery percentage notification and super battery backup.
    -best gaming performance.
    -better camera recording and photo clarity.
    -other things earlier mentioned.
    I want this thing so said it😀
    What do u say about this???
    -ussd dial fix dialing two times for seeing balance

  • @Girija-Das
    Audio , I don’t find any issues can u explain more about this ?

    I am not into games ,

    Yes performance and battery need some attention .
    I use post paid so never experienced the USSD issue , have u tried with your network operator ?

  • Yes would like to have dedicated CREO forums app , to have push notifications.

  • Something inside me says that we will be receiving marshmallow update :p . . .

  • @Pradeep-Jayabal same pinch bro i also thought that for a moment when they didn’t teased anything this time😜

  • @Girija-Das
    Yet to receive the update , how about you ?
    Last time it was download already when I wokeup

  • @Pradeep-Jayabal where is the update??? No update is found😮😨😒

  • @Girija-Das yeah . haven’t received the update yet

  • Anyone else with same situation???

  • Yes haven’t received update till checking from morning

  • Waiting for update. Pliz guys intimate here when you get updates

  • @Neelam-Laxman yes earlier it was available from midnight why so late???

  • Last time it was released around 2:30 PM. So we can expect it around the same time.

  • Last time it was Friday… Today is Monday… So expect a very delayed update :) They would’ve already lost a good breezy (boozy) Sunday evening for today’s release…

  • " June update " teaser tweeted atlast before 9 mins . . :) something about audio enhancements . .
    Unfortunately I can’t upload a pic here
    Check out @CREOspeak’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/CREOspeak/status/742250195086278660?s=09

  • No update will be received on Monday! They ran into some kinks as mentioned by @Product-Team on other post. Maybe till Thursday or Friday we can expect that to be received. :disappointed:

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