Beats Audio feature in the Music player

  • Hi Team,

    I have a HTC desire X series phone which has BEATS Audio feature in build which makes the music quality to the best of performance.

    I would like the team to add this BEATS Audio feature in the music player application.

  • @GajananKD well whatever audio feature they give i just want a immersive and crystal clear audio experience which is not so good in this lollipop rom, looking forward to marshmallow rom, hope they reply…☺

  • Girija, I just want the team to deliver best music application. Hope our suggestions help them to build a better one.

  • @GajananKD yes i how they don’t disappoint us with the marshmallow rom
    -best and immersive audio clarity.
    -proper battery percentage notification and super battery backup.
    -best gaming performance.
    -better camera recording and photo clarity.
    -other things earlier mentioned.
    I want this thing so said it😀
    What do u say about this???

  • Girija… Completely agree with your suggested post.

    Team should look on these basic features… People will definitely enjoy using this phone

  • @GajananKD only thing left is to reply and get this things done with marshmallow. And hope they should not compromise with features to size it doesn’t matter how big the update is!!!

  • Girija…Absolutely… This needs to be taken on priority… So that next build of Mark 1 will attract more customers…


    Awaiting for your reply and the future update… :):)

  • HTC provides Beats audio support because they have a contract with the company. CREO has to do the same if they want to incorporate Beats audio. Without contract, or license, out of the box Beats audio cannot be incorporated. Moreover, the hardware components need to be present in the handset to handle the software api of Beats audio. I don’t think the present Mark 1 has any. Hence, they would have to design a new hardware version of the phone itself to incorporate it. Maybe that will be Mark 2. So, technically its not possible in Mark 1.

    However, if they can develop an Audio FX like tool present in CyanogenMod, it would help a lot. It involves only software change.

  • Hope June update exceeded your expectations :)


    June update must have been a pleasant surprise. Send in your feedback on Audio Effects.

  • @Vikas-Srivastava yes only for audio but nice clarity

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