Re-designing CREO Forum. Help us?


    We’re in the process of re-designing CREO Forum to help us create a better experience for all you participants. Make it more interactive, easier to get in, even easier to find what you’re looking for… and of course, we’re open to any suggestions that you may have.

    So we need 10 minutes of your time to take you through the new design templates, get your feedback on it and build what you’d like to use.

    Are you game?

    Please drop me an email at with your Name, forum user name and phone number.

    #MakeBetter Together!

    Let’s talk soon!

  • @Vartika-Verma hi thank u for such a step so quickly,i would like to know that when a bug or something is asked whether admins have seen that and looking forward to it such kind of notification feature should be there by which i can know this☺😊😀


    @Girija-Das We’re not sure if that feature can be worked out immediately, but be rest assured, our @administrators are very active on the forums and are always keen to hear what Fuel OS champs have to say

  • Thats sweet

  • Varthika

    First of all thanks for picking this topic.
    Couple of observation I have are

    • Very slow to load
    • Categories are not really managed well, there are far too many posts and duplications.
    • Further categorisation could help for example categorising suggested features to Hardware, Software, Productivity etc.
    • Also, I notice that when you want to see recent conversations, they are not arranged by latest updated ones, they seem to be jumbled up.

    Thank you


    Thanks for the feedback @prakashtn. We’re fixing all of the issues you’ve mentioned above and a few more!

  • @Vartika-Verma That’s Good news! All the best

  • @Vartika-Verma Hey CMO hope you doing well :smiley: I had blocked some time on Wed ( My apologies but very bad at names) with some one from products team … They never called so just checking…


    @Anirudha-Dhawale Was it @srinjoy @Subodh-Kolhe ?

  • @Vartika-Verma I am lost at this point only as dont remember :( anyways thanks for your help.

  • @Vartika-Verma i would like to add the login issue to the Creo forum. If we need to start a discussion or reply to a topic we needto login to the creo forum seperately… but when a person purchases a phone he initially makes the login with mail id and even on refuel application he will login to it. So why there is a seperately login for forum. You own this phone and its features, you should have auto login to the forum aswell…plz look into it…

  • @Vartika-Verma it was @srinjoy :) he has just sent the details over… Thank you

  • @Vartika-Verma
    1 , Standalone app - I doesnt matter if it’s part of refuel but when we try to click on any creo forum link Android should notify the user asking permission to open the refuel app like it works for other apps . And we get push notifications too.

    2 , no navigation bar - please use ribbon with icons at the bottom . .

    Refer “quora” app in play store .

    3 , attachments - please fix attachment bugs , hope you are aware we can’t upload Any pics or attachments from phone

    4 , make sure it works offline , I mean getting updated when data is available . .


    @Pradeep-Jayabal Thanks for your suggestions :thumbsup:

    1)We currently have Fuel Community surfaced via our reFuel app on your Mark 1. Going forward, we might think about having a dedicated app if everyone in the community feels the need for it. We got your point on the deep-linking (regarding the links opening in reFuel app directly), good suggestion and will have a word with our team regarding the same.

    2)We follow a set of design principles and philosophy but we do understand your feedback on navigation bar. We will give it a spin and try if we can simplify it further.

    3)Thanks for pointing out the attachment issue, our team will be working on it and resolve it quickly. :thumbsup:

    4)Forum is a real-time platform where context is of supreme importance unlike most other content consumption platforms like Quora. We would never want to take our Forum offline - we would not want a saved answer to be posted when it’s not relevant anymore, the discussion has progressed further.

  • @Subodhk understood, thought offline support will make loading pages and tabs faster .Anyway you have a valid point . . :)

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