Slow charging nearly 2 hours for 40% charge

  • Facing new issue, in 2 hours phone is charging approx 40%. This is happening since 2 days
    Once I tried charging my phone to 100% it took nearly 4 hours to reach 85%.
    Please tell me how can solve this issue.
    Have rebooted my phone rested it. Not happening.

  • Put on charge at 2:18 with 52% battery
    Checked now at 2:48 it is 59%.

  • Hi I also faced the same problem, the issue was with the USB cable for me. I changed my USB now working fine. You can try that too :)

  • I have tried that too. Still the charging is slow.

  • Product Team

    Hi All,

    As per @Bharathi , there might be some issue with your USB Cable. try charging with another USB cable. If charging is fine, then please get in touch with @CREO-Support for further guidelines.

  • Like I already said, i have tried using a different cable and a different charger too. Tried the various possibilities, but only creo is charging slow, whereas i tried charging other devices they are charging at a good pace.

  • Is it 2A charger?

  • @ssarrinn the charger provided with CREO itself

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