Important Features -- lock screen, camera app, pocket wakeup, one hand mode, direct number block, extra gesture

  • 1. Lock screen feature.
    On swipe on left side of the screen, left onhand mode for typing password required
    On swipe on right side of the screen, right onhand mode for typing password required

    2. Camera app
    Manual focus control required
    fast capturing required

    3.On pocket wakeup disable feature
    When mobile in pocket, should not wakeup

    4. One Hand mode feature
    Over all one hand mode required like “mi” mobile.

    5. Direct Block Received call Number required
    Block mobile number required while receiving the call.

    6. Gesture required
    To Take the photo without unlocking or going to camera app(like four finger swipe).

  • @sudhakar
    When the phone is lock , swpie C , the camera will open.

  • Thanks for reply, yes I know that gestures, but looking for direct snap from locked screen…

  • I would like to propose having a few gestures that we can manually bind to the app/action of our choice.

    There might be other apps that I wish to open quickly (apart from flash and camera)

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