phone freezing,camera 4k issue

  • Creo team please fix this: i just saw yesterday that when i am playing 2 games simultaneously multitasking it freezed and i had to reboot for small games like 60-75mb.

    And for camera 4k recorded video is very slowly playing like playing upto 2sec then after 5 sec suddenly moves to 8 sec frame skipping and is very slow does not play at all only show images. And clarity is very bad😓😨

  • Product Team

    @Girija-Das On the 4k recording issue - Since the video is recorded in 4k, it uses a special type of video file container. Certain video players may not be able to play the file properly because they do not support the same. However, the default gallery video player in your Mark 1 can play these videos smoothly. Also you can try VLC player for Android to play these files smoothly (Google Playstore link -

    We are looking into the freeze issue while playing the games simultaneously. Can you please let us know which were the 2 games that you were playing when this happened so that we can solve this issue quicker?

  • @Mr.-Wolf yes please look into the clarity part it’s not so good and the games are daddy Long legs
    And zombie catchers
    Only long legs game freezes the phone and reboots.
    Thanks for help!!!😳😜

  • @Mr.-Wolf and another thing it’s that gallery force closes when i want to see details of some pictures not in all cases clearing cache doesn’t fixes it. Please see it.

  • Product Team

    @Girija-Das There are few Questions for Debugging this Issue can you please Answer Some questions for us:

    • What does gallery force closes mean? Is there is a Dialog box showing “Gallery isn’t Responding” or it closes abruptly?

    • And when does this Issue occur? Before or After playing the games

    • what is the Game play Time approximately?

    Answer to these Questions will help us in resolving the issues.


  • @Viplav-Chintan firstly for gallery force close, this has nothing to do with game few particular images when clicked on details in gallery force closes right away.

    For game only daddy Long legs game forces the phone to freeze from starting and then need to reboot by holding power button for 10secs, game when loading. And clearing cache doesn’t work.