Add some basic features to messaging

    Though on auto rotation, the messaging app doesn’t turns into landscape. It is easy to type in landscape mode.

    There must be feature to add a star to your important messages, so that you can access the important messages instantly whenever you need them.

    Delivery report system is also not proper. It only displays a notification once when delivered. Instead delivered messages must have a tick mark beside the sent date and time. So that at anytime i can know which has been delivered.

    A feature of future on-time messages should be developed.
    For ex. If i want to send a greeting to my friend on his birthday at the stroke of midnight, But i sleep early! There must be feature through which i can define at which time and to whom, what message has to be sent, so that i don’t need to remember again about the task and don’t need to be awake to do it.
    It has many such uses.

    I will be glad if the developer team adds these features.

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