Network locking mode and battery is draining fast

  • Creo mark 1 phone is very good but it’s unavailable of network locking mode is worse to its user. When in the same room some of friends net surfing in 3g or 4g it’s Creo mark 1 is in 2g or edge net. And at the same time battery charging is very fast but it’s battery drains very fast and one full charged is not even last for a day. I urge to entire Creo team please resolved this issue in your next updates. Thank you Creo team.

  • @Product-Team @CREO-Support This is a fact. Inside a building, CREO usually locks on to 2G/Edge connection.But outside, it reverts back to 3G. I checked it in multiple areas in the city just to be sure that there’s no issue with my area only, and found it behaving in this manner everywhere. In my earlier phone I never had this issue.

  • I had raised the same issue in the following forum, check it out

    As seen in the above thread, it seems that @Shivashankar-Guddadmath could get it solved by rooting the device. Not sure if that should void warranty.

    Still awaiting to hear from @CREO-Team since last week…

  • I am facing the same issue the battery is draining super fast. I am seriously worried about the battery as I need to keep mark 1 plugged in almost twice or thrice a day.
    I am quite sure this is because of the cellular connectivity because when I was using the phone with only sim 2 battery back was good now after I started using with 2 Sims and the first one for data I am facing battery drain issues.
    Also I am having issues with network locking i am on Vodafone but it keeps switching between Vodafone and idea also I need to enable data on roaming go online using 3G orelse it doesn’t let me go online

    @CREO-Support @CREO-Team @saisrinivas please look into t he battery issue it’s has really become a menace and a frustrating experience on mark1 due to this.

  • Both the issues are faced by many users except me, if Creo doesn’t solve the issue of the battery draining, if this continues i can say that Battery Life of our Devices will be finished.
    Answer Creo Team.