3D touch for CREO MARK 1 which makes first android phone with 3d touch

  • Actually if we have a 3d touch in Creo mark 1 this will be a first phone with 3d touch with android. So if we get 3d touch in Creo mark 1 then creo’s reputation goes to sky. I think we can put 3d touch in Creo from monthly updates. So if Creo mark 1 gets 3d touch like iPhone we can think it runs on a great OS than android marshmallow. So request Creo to make this possibility in our phone through software updates. If it is possible in Creo mark 1, do this or else ignore my post.

                             Thank you.


    Any specific use-cases where you would love to use 3D touch feature?

  • I have few points on this.

    • 3D touch for notifications in general.
    • WhatsApp?
    • Facebook?
    • Messages?

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