Creo themes store should be there

  • I m really missing the creo’s own themes and wallpaper store pls make it available in the future updates


    Anything specific that you would want this app to do for you? What themes do you want on your phone?

  • @Subodhk

    1. I like if u add creos own themes like
      Asus & xiaomi have
    2. And there must be at least 2 category
      Devotional (especially Sikh religious themes) as I m a Sikh.+ one automobile category in which some Lamborghini cars and Harley Davidson’s are there.

    And my one and only dream is that Creo will provide me some app or maybe live wallpaper in which there is the revolving photos of my personal engraved MARK 1
    Which I can share on social media like Facebook & WhatsApp

  • @Subodhk
    I m not very good in English still I tried my best to explain u if not please call me on my no. 9999190039

  • @Subodhk
    Dear sir pls reply


    Interesting ideas, we have noted these ideas :)

  • @Subodhk yes please themes like on samsung’s touchwiz it will really look great and i think i saw a screenshot of creo theme store,u guys should provide this this june.

  • @Subodhk
    Thank u so very very much I can’t describe u in words how much I love u people, I had spent almost rupees 4,00,000 in purchasing mobiles within last 4-5 years and almost of every brand, but yeh cheez kisi ka baap bhi nai kar paya Jo apne kar di, mein ek normal sa upper middle class banda jiski koi khaas value hi nai usko bhi aap itni importance de rahe ho aur mein apse direct baat kar pa raha hun apko yeh keh raha hun ki mere liye ek special app ya feature agar aap bana sako

  • @Subodhk
    I am proud to own a product of ur company that is the no.1 Creo Mark 1
    Aaj tak apple kya apple baap bhi nai soch saka aesi cheez

  • @Subodhk
    Create a theme store / resources store for CREO where any users can create their themes , wallpaper, live wallpapar , music and upload them for other CREO users to use it . . All u need to give is a platform .
    @Product-Team .
    Refer Mi theme store for ideas .
    First time when I saw CREO , I thought refuel is a theme app

  • CREO Support

    @Pradeep-Jayabal Hi, thanks for keep thinking about awesome stuff & keep writing to us. Soon I’ll get you an update on this. :blush:

  • @Sober-Barik thank u, it was a right choice to bring this phone without listening anyone it was worth it😘😏😄