Introduce some power saving mode please.

  • Something like sony gave stamina mode, it helped in saving power.
    The battery of creo drains out real quick irrespective of not being used.


    @Harsh-Vardhan-Tibrewalla Could you share more details on what exactly you would want in the battery saver mode? Currently there is a battery saver mode which does help in saving your battery to a certain extend but we do understand that you might want more updates or features to aid battery optimization. Do share your suggestions and we would be listening and working on them :+1:

  • @Subodhk oh thank u, like decreasing all background app processes and minimal conconsumption of charge and a little more stamina only for hearing music when low on battery😰😋👍

  • @Subodhk something that prevents battery from draining wen the phone is kept idle. Example stamina mode had this feature that wen the screen was off, data connection was also off on its own, and wen i unlocked the screen the data resumed thus giving me all the notifications like online news alert, whatsapp messages etc together that were sent to me while the phone’s screen was off.
    So the battery even at 4 % in 2300 mah battery lasted for a good 4 hours if used minimally.
    Whereas the overnights discharge of creo is about 10-15%.