Power manager for Creo

  • Hi Team,
    As lenovo has power manager which has super power feature which disable all features and enables on calls,contacts and sms.
    why cant we have similar feature in creo as well.



    @Ajay-Kumar Could you elaborate more on this? We would love to understand what features related to battery management you would like to have in your phone.

  • Hi

    Here is the detail

    Lenovo Named as super power mode, it can be enabled/disabled from the notification toolbar.

    Once you activate the mode, the phone interface will be redrawn with a basic one, with basic functions like current time, remaining battery life and important features like call, text ad a few. This mode won’t let you to navigate web pages or use any app.
    Since this will be more useful when we are running out of battery

    Ajay Kumar Elgum

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