Battery is getting heated/draining on normal usage

  • Hi Creo TEAM,
    I have bought Creo Mark 1 mobile two days back. I am quite disappointed with battery draining and heating problem. Battery is heating and draining on normal usage.
    Define normal usage: Just open an app, for e.g. Google Photos and browse through the photos. Or open any app continuously use it.

    It’s better to fix the issue rather than releasing the features every month. Normal usage of the phone is more important than introducing feature which only few use or do not use at all

    I guess I am not the first one to report this problem, so please re-consider instead of one feature, fix battery issues

    I understand that fast charging can cause heating issues, not only this mobile but many mobiles. But while using the mobile battery draining and battery heating for 3100mAh and paying Rs. 19,999 money for the mobile, is not so happy…

    Although I love the idea of every month new feature, but basic functionality being compromised is NOT GOOD.

    Good words reach slow, Bad words reach fast

    So, I would expect in the upcoming updates, our battery problems would be solved.

  • I totally agree. Infact the battery goes from 100 to 0 in just a few hours of normal usage. And today I noticed, it just jumped from 19% to 15% in one second, all when I simply opened an app. That is extremely disappointing!

  • @onlysrinivas I am facing this problem too.And I believe that createam should release a feature that could make the battery life better and decrease the battery draining speed rather than introducing other new features every month.I charged my battery up to 98% at night and when I wake up it’s drained to 76% whether I didn’t use it at all and internet connection is off too.This is really hectic and not possible to use upto the device can perform.

  • Guys this was what i was trying to say well said this is a super bug please fix it fast @CREO-Team

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