Marshmallow update for mark 1

  • When will you provide a update to marshmallow version.??As it is available everywhere.

  • @Prateek-Rathi yeah it would be great if CREO give marshmallow update in next monthly update

  • They said that on 13th may they would reveal update date of marshmallow, but till today no reply.

  • @Girija-Das yes true they told but till now no reply

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia and so many marshmallow update topic created still no reply.if giving m update takes so much time without reply then what about n update, they don’t stick to their word no one does

  • @Girija-Das yes but I think they should give In next update

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia yes but we want a reply from their side.

  • @Girija-Das yes I just talked to them but they are telling they have no information regarding this company is not fullfiling promises

  • Marshmallow update will come end to the year. It is true.

  • Marshmallow ROM is work in progress. However release date is not yet confirmed.

    Also 6.0 is still not widely available. Google stats alone say about 18% phones are running on Marshmallow.

  • @Anirudha-Dhawale well at this price and latest devices it is available everywhere and of course less than this device also port marshmallow, what do u say 'bout that😮😶😟

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia you talked to them what did they said?

  • @Girija-Das they said we don’t know about thid

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia they don’t know this then who knows this, what a answer!!! Still no reply, how about we ask sai srinivas about this? He is the CEO😮😛😎

  • @Girija-Das yeah we can do that

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia okay, then let’s move forward…😙…😮😰but who’s gonna do that???You do it 😳😜

  • @Girija-Das OK I will do

  • @Girija-Das yeah I did it but they are still telleing to wait they will tell product team

  • Guys one question, do both the speakers at the bottom of the phone work or is it that only one works? I have a pretty brand new handset and was wondering if this is normal?

  • @Romit-Mahanta there is only one speaker at right and left one is microphone

  • I don’t know whether you guys have done this or not, however, I found the launcher being used is very similar to the Trebuchet launcher used in CyanogenMod OS. And after digging some more, I found I was right. CREO is using an older version of the CyanogenMod launcher called Trebuchet. Trebuchet 13 is already available which is based on Marshmallow and hopefully it should be a very big priority of the CREO team to port the latest version of the launcher along with the ROM running in Marshmallow.

    I am not sure whether they are running a customized version of CyanogenMod itself or not. But if they do, then all these questions about using themes, icon packs, processing speed, battery, camera, heating etc should be resolved by porting to the latest Cyanogen rom based on Marshmallow.

    Some people have also been complaining about large icon sizes etc. Well, you can customize them. Just long press any empty part of any of the homescreens you have and you get a drawer to select wallpaers, widgets or settings. Well, you can also drag it up and access some further tweaks, like Drawer grid size, transition effects, etc. Try it out if you have not.

  • Sai, you are right, the Trebuchet launcher is already available and the latest version is for CM13. The Mark 1 runs on older version of the launcher.
    But does it make any difference whether it’s the custom CM ROM or Android based ROM. In their own words its the Fuel OS.

  • @Yogesh-Khetani-Patel I don’t have any issue if they use Cyanogen or AOSP or vanilla Android. But they should have used the latest version of the launcher, that’s all. And I have installed the latest version of Trebuchet in my mark 1 and it works like a charm.

  • awaiting reply from CREO Team

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