Having Problems to re-connect to Wifi.(Not Resolved).

  • Hello Team & all,

    I am facing an issue while connecting to a wi-fi (Airtel) @ my home & Screen gets hungup(when 15% charge & 98% Charge).

    This was raised earlier one month back, Phone was sent to @CREO-Support and i got the phone back.

    Let me explain the wifi-Problem:( All these observations took me 30 days to permutation).

    1. I need to switch off my router & then only get Connected to Wi-fi , save the settings.
    2. Now once get connected , it will be good.
    3. Problem starts now, Currently i am connected, i go out of home and come back, then re-connect never works.
    4. I switched off my mobile and then deleted saved wifi settings , re-try… still not work.
    5. I need to switch of my router and then switch it on and then re-add wifi and it gets connected.
    6. Similar case with my Cellular 2g Network.

    Please note i am using other two mobiles(Samsung S2 Galaxsy & S4 mini), i didnot face any issues with my AIRTEL wifi, all other devices including Laptops get re-connected back.

    Let me explain the Screen hungup:

    1. when batter was 15% or 98% , when it is still getting charged, if you get a call, i was not able to pick up the calls.
    2. Similarly, suddenly the screen gets hung up for unknown reasons(i need to long press power button, so that phone gets switch off and restart normaly).

    Please note i sent email and posting this in FORUM.


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