Product Road-map for Mark 1

  • Hi @administrators, @CREO-Support , @CREO-Team

    All are suggesting lot of features but I am not sure if Credo team is keeping track of all these things. I would recommend the product road-map page for the Mark 1 with one block for what are the feature planned for next coming update and next block for future considered features.


  • Yep there is a Map but it might not have been shared with the community as they might wanna keep it confidential and don’t want to ruin the suspense of next update.


    We all spend a lot of time coming here and listening to what Fuel OS evangelists have to say about what they want us to build.
    And the part about suspense is true. But more than that, each feature development takes time to build and test so we keep our heads low and keep shipping.

  • @Vartika-Verma thanks for the reply, I am not looking for the new feature road map. I am looking for the road map for bug fixes. As there are lot of issues making difficult to use phone as daily driver. It is always good to know if all the reported issues are acknowledged and in process of fixing. Which makes at least me to stick to this phone.


    That’s an interesting suggestion. @Product-Team - Thoughts?

  • I think the thing you are looking for is “Change log” that came with every update when I was using cyanogen And I really found that useful. So yes now I also feel like looking at the change log!

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