Retrieve Failed & phone security need Resweep.

  • Hello All,
    This is very important issue. Creo Mark 1 stand on it. But Creo need to resweep his security policy again. Because of Creo sales his product in market base on unbeatable security system.
    RETRIEVER - CREO think Once the phone is stolen, the next thing that the thief is going to do is insert a new SIM. But this is not true ONCE THE PHINE IS STOLEN, THE NEXT THING THAT THE THIEF IS GOING TI DO WIPE OUT EVERY THINGH WITH HARD RESET. AND HERE RETRIEVER SECURITY system is failed after a hard reset retriever app also reset. I have tried it. SO CREO TELL ME WHERE IS THE BENEFIT OF RETRIEVER SECURITY SYSTEM.

    & 2ND thing i have try to create my company mail A/c in my mark 1 & retriever taking access my company mail account & after set A/C MARK 1 force me to use only PIN password for my phone., Because of all other options are disable. WHY. First of all why retriever need access of my company Mail. This is not sound good and second thing i have to choose by my self which security type need to use.

  • @asclch2 The PIN option you are getting after configuring your office mail is because of the security policies set by your company. Your company’s email administrator can set up a security policy that would force an user to choose a specific security option whenever he/she sets up the corporate email account in any device, be it android or iOS.

    By default, the mobile devices use Exchange ActiveSync to set up corporate email accounts and the security policy works for this too. I know it because I have faced similar issues with both Android and iPhone models. Once you delete or remove the account from your mobile device, the greyed-out areas pertaining to the other types of security options will again become enabled. This has nothing to do with Retriever.

    However, I do agree with your first point. After doing a hard reset and wiping the dalvik cache retriever will stop to work. Moreover, the thief can also flash a custom rom, completing wiping out Fuel OS. Then your phone is truly lost.

  • In my Xolo one - Old phone first version about 2.5 years old, I have anti theft built in by Xolo, which remain to ask for the password even after factory reset and data wipe. Unless you install custom ROM to delete everything it works. I have personally tested this feature.

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