Re-starting the Fuel OS download, if interrupted, from the last downloaded size

  • Today, while downloading the Fuel OS update, I got a call and as a result of it, the download got stalled. For five minutes, the percentage of download was not increasing at all. Thus, I had to cancel the download and then restart it and to my dismay, it started downloading from the very beginning.

    Instead of starting the download from the very beginning, if a RESUME option can be given, then, the download can restart from the last downloaded size. For example, if after downloading 69%, my data connectivity got lost for some reason, and then I reconnected to my data, then, I should be able to click on the RESUME button to continue with the download from 69% onwards, not from 0%, ie, at the beginning.

  • Product Team

    @saikatsakura Thanks for the feedback. We have tried our best to make the update process as seamless and smooth as possible for our users. However, OS updates are a bit tricky when it comes to downloading than other media/app updates. We did not want to take any chances of corrupted downloads or any such issues which could cause a problem during the update patch being applied. As a result if the user “cancels” the download, we chuck the file and restart fresh. Pausing/resuming the download is anyways handled in the case of intermittent connectivity etc.

    Having said this, we are looking into implementations where we have better pause/resume mechanisms in place so that you don’t have to download the entire file again in case it is stalled. In the case a user chooses to “cancel” the download, we have no option but to delete the file in progress. Also, we have been very particular in making the update file size as small as possible to account for such cases and make the process smooth and quick.


  • @Mr.-Wolf Yep, I see your point. And the update size was small too. But can’t we use a hashed checksum to verify whether the file downloaded is corrupted or not? Just wondering.

  • Product Team

    @saikatsakura Yup. Those checks are in place currently and supported by error messages etc. However, on “cancellation” (not pause) we can’t do much, can we?

  • @Mr.-Wolf This issue is also happening when I am downloading apps from the app store. If a call comes in between, then after the call, the download does not resume on its own. I have to restart it. This does not happen in my wife’s Moto G2. So, it cannot be an issue of the stock Android ROM.

  • @saikatsakura yes you are correct or else too much loss of data will be there, i hope they give this option in downloading the update.

  • @Mr.-Wolf download size doesn’t matter.

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