Wonky design and functionality in some core apps, suggestions for improvements

  • Calculator

    The calculator has a nice breezy design that uses dark colours very effectively with light colours. The slide functionality in portrait mode is a cool touch, allowing use of scientific functions without going to the full blown scientific calculator.
    However the information density of the app is very low and that makes the app cumbersome to use.

    In the portrait mode as you have a 4 x 4 grid as opposed to the standard 5 x 4 grid and as such we lose some critical keys like the +/- to use with negative number calculations and the AC to start over from scratch. Have attached screenshots from FuelOS, iOS and MIUI to compare and contrast.







    Coming to the landscape mode and the scientific calculator, things are much worse. Again screenshots to compare and contrast.



    Lots of unnecessary blank space and missing functionality. Where is the 2nd/inverse function to take arcsin or arctanh? Why are angles restricted to radians only? What about hyperbolic functions? Memory functions? Advanced logs and power functions? Lots of stuff is missing here and needs to be added pronto.

    Putting the numpad to the left and functions to the right makes it non intuitive to use the calculator in landscape mode but it would be useful in the current configuration for left handed people. Please add a settings tab that allows the user to choose lefthanded use or righthanded use.


    Again a nice play of dark and light colours makes it a treat to use the app. 0_1463406588193_Screenshot_2016-05-16-18-24-09.png

    The text is a little to large, maybe do some A/B testing to get to the optimal size or add an option to customize text size so users can choose something they are comfortable with?

    The big culprit here is the timer app whose UI is very poor. 0_1463406879479_Screenshot_2016-05-16-18-23-10.png

    The first time I used it I ended up with a 10s timer instead of a ten minute timer as I did not realize numbers had to fed in like a sentence as we used to do in feature phones. I just tapped the 00m assuming that it would select minutes, tapped in 10 and hit go. If you want t keep the current UI please make the timer interface tappable.

    Alternatively, rework the timer app so as to get rid of the numpad and use this interface from the alarm to input numbers. 0_1463407078375_Screenshot_2016-05-16-18-25-38.png

    @Product-Team @sai-srinivas @Subodhk
    Let me know if the feedback was way to deep. :smiley: Hopefully you will find it useful as well and add some much needed features to these apps. Cheers!

  • @Hardik-Panjwani These are all stock android apps. They are not developed by CREO. You should suggest these to Google who have developed these.

  • @saikatsakura If thats the case then Creo should design its own calculator and clock apps in a future update as the stock apps have a lot of issues. What say @Product-Team @Mr-Wolf @sai-srinivas @Subodhk ?