Personalization needs improvement

  • Yesterday I received my phone from CREO and I am impressed with phone I think personalization is needs to be improve
    1.hate that much big icons to have CREO mark 1 own launcher cause you guys just install Google launcher like to have your own CREO touch on launcher and music players are worst I guess I need to install MX player and musicxmatch.
    That all thank you
    @CREO-Team @Product-Team @Rachit @administrators

  • Product Team

    @Viraj-Joshi Great to hear the feedback! I had a few specific questions which would help us understand your feedback better and then act on it accordingly.

    1. Regarding the icons - Is the size of the icons or the spacing between them a problem? Also, are you facing any functional difficulty because of the same (I mean is it causing a problem in phone usage or is it just something you would like to have)

    2. For the launcher, again - is it some particular functionality that you are missing because of the launcher or is it the look and feel that you feel could be better?

    3. For the music player - We ship with Google Play Music which is a standard default music player that gives you a broad range of functionalities. We chose to roll out with this since we did not want lot of bloatware on the phone. In this case also, anything in particular that you are looking for?

    The more descriptive your feedback the better our understanding and resulting changes in updates! Keep the comments coming and we’ll keep on making better!

  • @Mr-Wolf
    1.when we open drawer we get 6 rows and 4 column and and icons are also big which make me to find app . I suggest that 5 rows and 4 column could be better option and icons should be small to 90% . you said you guys worling on music player i guess you should work on video Player too
    And file manager it’s not showing my hidden files from sd card and couldn’t able to find show hidden file option there.
    3.slow motion video is not slowing down things when we want it’s just slow at the start and act it’s own there should be option where we want to slow things down .

    This are some issues i face but list of good things is very much bigger than this.
    Thanks for your reply. Lets make better together.@Product-Team @CREO-Team

  • @Mr.-Wolf Walkman By sony is the best music player i have used. I previously was using Sony! U should try matching it!

  • @Viraj-Joshi You can customize the rows and columns in the drawer. Just long press on any of the home screens, then you would get the option to select Wallpaper/Widget/Settings. In that section, you will see an up-arrow icon at the top. You can click that icon and expand the area and then choose lots of other customizations, like, Grid size etc.

  • @saikatsakura what are you suggesting is only valid for home screen what i want to suggest is when we open drawer the we get in rows and column 4 X 6 which is mess i guess

  • @Viraj-Joshi yeah that is not present.

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