New features vs Stability of the Phone

  • @CREO-Team , @administrators , @Product-Team

    Your concept of bring new features every month so that the phone be new. As a long time smartphone user and mobile geek. What made me keep a phone for longer time is never the new features.

    But the stability of the Phone, in terms of Performance, Battery, Camera and most importantly to do the day to day tasks as simple as possible makes me to keep it.

    Your first update with features I liked it. But in terms of stability, it brought in few lagginess, little more battery drain. Most importantly it didn’t fix the overall lag.

    I am not sure how many of the users here do agree with me. But please ensure that the OS is much more stable.

    More than features this is what I look for

    1. No Lag in the UI across the ecosystem of Fuel OS
    2. Better Battery life
    3. Most common problems of Processor, Camera Sensor to be addressed.
    4. Simplicity (I agree in most ecosystem of Fuel OS it is already there. Just enhance more)

    I really like Echo, you got a new feature where people cannot be living without it in future. I really like it. Sometimes the lagginess of the OS makes me feel ignore it.

    Keep every alternate month features and then stability. So your customers we would be really happy. People who read this and agree with me. Please put a note. So that the CREO team looks into.


  • Yeah right Kingsley.You have put forward a very right and logical point.New features in a phone doesn’t make a sense unless the Phone is not stable in the first place.Creo boasts that their USP and strong point is their software but they have miserably failed with a unstable,bugy and laggy Fuel OS.Really dissapointed.It didn’t live upto its hype.

  • @sleykingfes Guys be a humble , Its there first update and they have delivered it in a month Hats Off , It will take time to them cop up with feature + stability but eventually they will.

  • I loved their May month updates. But the lag should be fixed at the earliest as the experience gets affected. Also, battery drain is a concern which can’t be overlooked.

  • @misteryogi : I believe they are already working on it. They will defiantly deliver it better :).

  • @mr.rightnow my point is not to discourage. But just to make my view saying that they can plan the update with stability more in mind, even with less features more stable phone. People will love it even more.

    This is the first make in India mobile Phone. As an Indian, I really love this @CREO-Team what they are doing. I want to see this company stand out in this competitive world.

  • Product Team

    @Everyone - First of all, thanks for the candid feedback. This is exactly what we expect from our users and their opinions on the forum.

    Be rest assured that we at CREO share these concerns and core experience in terms of key aspects such as battery, performance and overall stability are on top of our list when we plan for updates. The team is working very hard to push improvements to the same as well as drive value by way of new features and enhancements to the existing OS. However, rushed fixes for the above items are short term and often offer little improvement and that too only for certain users depending on differences in usage patterns. We are working on fixes which will ensure long term effects for the better and we are gunning for rolling them out as soon as possible starting from the next update itself.

    Again, thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming :+1:

  • @Mr.-Wolf Why don’t you really start a beta team who can test the updates in the real world. I am sure lot of people like me who would be willing to support the CREO team.

    Together we can achieve more.

  • @sleykingfes true!

  • @sleykingfes People have been asking about becoming beta testers and so far the reply has generally been “something nice is planned, wait and see.”

    @Product-Team @sai-srinivas I understand that you guys have your reasons for playing things close to your chest on this and many other issues. Would suggest you consider if its possible to make an invite only beta testing group to kick things off for the more technically inclined users, which can later be folded into your main beta testing idea.

  • @sleykingfes s… Nice idea… A feature rich update followed by stability update… @CREO-Team u must try this…😀

  • @Everyone
    I believe CREO is already doing this. And frankly speaking, stability and feature introductions, or hardening of existing features are strategies followed by all engineering practices, and software engineering is no different. In their May update CREO did provide stability improvements along with new features and strengthening or hardening existing ones, like providing customizations to the Echo feature. In the future also they would be following this trend.

    The Agile-centric approach of releasing small small feature updates monthly is much better than having a single release of a huge number of features yearly since the changes being small, any defect patch or fixes can also be supplied pretty fast. @Product-Team @CREO-Team can correct me if I am wrong.

    I also agree with the option of creating a team of beta testers from the userbase so that beta versions of their software can be tested in real life situations. However, instead of selecting a cliche of users as beta testers, it would be wiser to create developer accounts with access to developer versions of the software, like nightly builds or milestone builds. An user can then have the freedom of participating in the beta testing if he/she likes, otherwise he need not subscribe to the developer account and can keep on using the stable releases.

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