Messaging app suggestion and feedback

  • The messaging app in Mark 1 is advanced and it’s ability to segregate personal fron business sms is its highlight

    Here are few suggestions

    1. Ability to recognize and segregate sms or form a cluster based on businesses or organizations that sent sms

    For e.g. ICICI bank sends its sms through VM-ICICI, AM-ICICI, VK-ICICI, DM-ICICI.
    Hence it would be helpful, if the app forms a cluster called ICICI and clubs all the related threads together. Under the cluster, It can have options to view each thread separately or a unified thread sorting SMS based on the time they were received.

    This same can be applied to sms from telecom operators, DTH, ecom etc. In short the app will be smart to recognize the business and not just simply classifying as a business sms.

    1. OTP recognition needs serious improvement. Since last 3 weeks, not a single bank related OTP has been copied correctly. Often the last four digits of card number, our transaction value gets copied.

    2. There’s should be ability to copy text out of sms. As of now, the whole sms gets copied, but it’s not possible to copy specific words in a sms. A much needed feature.

    3. When messaging app is opened, by default the people tab should opened.

    1. Ability to send sms a contact directly from sense

    2. Ability to delete sms, from heads up notification

    @CREO-Team @administrators

  • Product Team

    @abbykoshy Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be very brief:

    1. Definitely a great idea. We will look into how to implement this in future updates
    2. OTP recognition works on various heuristics and rule sets. However, these are by no means comprehensive. These will only get better with time. That being said, can you please reply with the name of the banks where the OTP was not getting recognized. We will look into it.
    3. No questions about it. Agreed.
    4. We will look into this base on feedback we get from other users as well.
      5, 6. We will look into these.

    Again, thanks for the feedback! #MakeBetter together :)

  • I know of only ICICI bank card OTP which is not getting copied

    Here are few formats

    You have initiated a txn of INR xxx.xx at ZOMATO COM on ICICI Bank Card xxxx. OTP is xxxxxx. DONT SHARE IT WITH ANYONE. BANK NEVER CALLS TO VERIFY OTP.

    For Bill Payment of Rs.xxxx.xx to ICICI BANK CRED you will need an OTP. NEVER SHARE IT WITH ANYONE. BANK NEVER CALLS TO VERIFY IT. The OTP is xxxxxx.

    To register XXXXX as a payee you will need a URN. NEVER SHARE THE URN WITH ANYONE. BANK NEVER CALLS TO VERIFY IT. The URN is xxxxxx

    Very often transaction value or the 4 digit card number gets copied. ICICI otp is always 6 digits.

  • The ICICI otp still not getting copied. Always the last four digits of the card getting copied.

    Why is it taking so much time to get this simple thing fixed?

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