Integrate Opera Max so that mobile data is compressed, thus saving money in data usage

  • Opera Max app available in Google Play store is great in compressing the incoming and outgoing data in a cell phone. Due to the compressed nature of the data, web pages, youtube videos, or videos from other channels or apps, or any kind of Internet content would load faster. The app also saves good amount of data available in the mobile internet plans since less data is used to render the same internet based content, without loss in quality.

    This feature is already available in MIUI 7. Hence, if we can enable it here, it would be great.

  • already creo mark add data saver option in their fuel…

  • This post is deleted!

  • @arka2020 I saw the Data Saver option provided in Creo. It’s very basic. It allows you to turn off background mobile data usage manually from the settings option by checking or unchecking them against the apps installed.

    What I am referring to is - The complete compression of the mobile data that is exchanged between the cell phone and the internet data provider. This makes the size of the data packets much smaller, hence resulting in less data usage. That’s what Opera Max does and if it can be integrated, then you won’t even bother about background data usage which the current data saver is trying to curb.