1. RearSelfie : use image processing to detect faces. As with rear camera it is not possible to see how many face or position is OK or not, notify with audio alert or voice about say 6 face detected . with Accelerometer and gyro and magneto, detect camera orientation and image quality as well. Now all OK. Then ask for a voice command and take selfie.

    TaskAuto : help users to automate task. User should be able to create automated task ie. When reached office make it silent and connect to Ofc wifi etc.the flow should be created by user and also enable others to contribute to create task auto flow.

    Analytics Engine : integrate it in OS. It should be able to guess and suggest what to do. For example one goes to a restaurant to a particular mall. He should get notification of discounts available or any new dish had came with reviews. Or say remind for medicine to take . sleeping pattern etc.

    IoTfy : Add service integrators and aggregators and developers to showcase microservice which IoTfy everything on phone.

    PocketHealth : add health related services like BP measure, exercise etc.

    Wallet : one wallet for all payment. QR or NFC based payment. Try connecting Paytm and mobikwik and different banks. Integrated payment will help creo to mark it’s spot.

    And last but not the least, always concentrate on device drivers. Most of the time these things fails a device.
    I will add more suggestions later. Bye

  • Always remember a lot of service and apps if preinstall then make problem because if you need a specific service but donot need all users example all users not use paytm etc…So i donot think donot add to much preinstall app…clean and clear os better then user install their apps which he or she need…

  • @arka2020 it is not about pre-installed app. I said unified payment system. It is like a system service. Add any account of any payment service provider into that unified payment service. It’s like one wallet for all. At the time of payment user will be able to select any of the ACC. Be it a debit card , net banking or mobikwik, Paytm whatever he chooses.

  • oo like lastpass app…then no problem…I already suggest this feature but this feature usefull…

  • @arka2020 yes. That’s why in first post I said unified payment. I guess somehow it got unnoticed .

  • Another feature :
    The analytics engine will be able to see which apps are less used over certain period and those should be auto killed and monitored to put them in deep -sleep even if it wakes up. Thus it will intelligently kill apps according to usage behavior. It helps thermal management as well.

    More features to come…

  • Adblocker: deep crawling of network packets will block ad packets. Even application ad should be blocked this way.

    1. Greenify like hibernation app
    2. Graphics driver needs update
    3. Camera needs bug fixes
    4. Battery needs fix
    5. Thermal issue fix
    6. Release Accessories( screen guard, tempered, case) please
    7. Night mode please
    8. Fix network drop issue

  • Hi creo team

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