Bugs in Photo Editing Feature

  • When I am trying to flip my photo it flips on 1st tap and if i try to tap on flip again to get the pic in its original form it rotates the pic in left. I have tried it many times but its the same. Please look into it.

    @Mr-Wolf @Product-Team

  • Product Team

    @PRATIK-PARDESHI The flip button in the Transform works in continuous taps. Tapping it once will flip it horizontally. Tapping it a second time will flip the resulting image (flipped horizontally once) vertically. The third time it flips it horizontally again. The fourth time, it flips it vertically again to give you the original image. I hope this answers your question :)

  • @Mr.-Wolf 👍
    Dhanya ho bhai…

    I have used horizontal filp and vertical flip separately till now… ok if it works so…

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