[OFFICIAL] Fuel OS is here!

  • Product Team

    Hello all!

    It’s with great pleasure that we announce the release of Fuel OS This new update features some awesome exciting additions to Fuel which we hope you all will enjoy. Check out the reFuel app on your Mark 1 to receive the May update.
    Enhance - A light and quick photo editor!
    Edit your photos in a jiffy with Enhance - the new default photo editor built into the Gallery app. Make your pictures better by re-touching, cropping, tuning or applying filters and much much more!

    More on Enhance
    Data Manager - Take charge of mobile data!
    Stop apps from using cellular data when you are not using them. With Data Manager watching your back, there’s no more waking up to an exhausted Internet data balance.

    More on Data Manager
    Echo Mode - Your answering machine is now personalized and smarter
    Echo, now answers calls in 6 different languages. Personalized answers in your own voice can be set for your family or friends. What’s more? You can also choose to send all your calls to Echo every time you put your phone on silent or enter a meeting.

    More on Echo Mode
    Sense - Now double tap for anything
    A much more improved search: Sense can now also be used to WhatsApp your friends, do calculations on the move along with searching for anything on your phone.

    More on Sense
    Selfie Flash - Brighter selfies in low light
    Here is a feature that helps you click better and brighter selfies in low light conditions. Switch on the Selfie Flash in the camera app and watch Mark 1’s quad HD screen light up your face. When you are partying late at night, Selfie Flash makes your selfies shine brighter than the rest.

    More on Selfie Flash
    Tweaks and Improvements

    Apart from the features surfaced we have worked on fixing the flickering issue when Adaptive Brightness was turned on and minor improvements to battery life. There are other performance optimizations as well.
    As always, we are on a journey of #MakingBetter together! Heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this month’s update. Keep the feature suggestions coming!

    Team CREO.

  • Selfie Flash is killer man!

  • Updated the phone without any hiccups. Good job folks. What I love so far:

    1. Selfie Flash: Very cool stuff. Still to try it in various light conditions, in my dimly lit room it works amazingly well.

    2. Photo Editor: Nice touch will presenting it in the gallery itself and not putting it out as a separate app.

    3. Sense: Whatsapp addition is a lifesaver. Already used the calculator for a couple of quick calculations.

    4. Echo and Data Manager: Still to try and see their effectiveness.

  • Digging the new stuff. Echo mode, if it works as advertised, could be very awesome while driving. Just turning it on and then checking on messages.

    Photo editor is pretty cool and simple for quick stuff, for anything complicated and advanced you would need one of the dedicated apps out there. But the fact that I can edit just after taking a snap in the camera and share it is nice.

    Still daytime here in Bangalore, so Selfie Flash test will have to wait :P

  • @Mr.-Wolf the semse and data manager are awesome…

  • @Mr.-Wolf the photo editing enhance and selfie flash looks promising as welll…

  • @Mr.-Wolf @Feature-Ninja @CREO-Team for the next update please consider adding a feature to doodle on the images like adding a note, highlighting or drawing something on them.

  • So happy my suggestion adopted…Data Manager …Thanks…

  • Thank you to all for this gift in update✌😍.
    @CREO-Support @CREO-Support
    @sai-srinivas @Subodh-Kolhe

  • When I am trying to flip my photo it flips on 1st tap and if i try to tap on flip again to get the pic in its original form it rotates the pic in left. I have tried it many times but its the same. Please look into it.

  • Product Team

    @PRATIK-PARDESHI The flip button in the Transform works in continuous taps. Tapping it once will flip it horizontally. Tapping it a second time will flip the resulting image (flipped horizontally once) vertically. The third time it flips it horizontally again. The fourth time, it flips it vertically again to give you the original image. I hope this answers your question :)

  • @Mr.-Wolf 0_1463160302679_image.png there is somethng like creo themes in that update list… Does theming supprt really cmng in nxt update… If so, would b truly excited…

  • @PRATIK-PARDESHI : While using flip or any other modifications please use undo / redo which is presented on the top bar to return original form . It helps to preview all the changes you have done to the original image

  • Is it possible to block the default email app and Google play store from using background data? I cannot find them in the list of apps in background data manager. Why is it so?

  • Product Team

    @abbykoshy Thanks, that will be updated soon!

  • is it happening with just me or anyone else feels that the battery is draining faster than ever??

  • @Yogesh-Gattani Yes i am with u. Battery drain issue still exist.

  • @asclch2 @Yogesh-Gattani yeah it is happening with me also and battery after update is also not charging fast

  • @Nikhil-Bhagia
    Battery is draining fast but charging fast…battery time needs a major fix

  • I wouldn’t say it drains faster. But definitely no improvement. I used to get barely 4 hours of screen on time, it hasn’t changed.

    Using tethering or GPS totally drains the battery and further reduces the screen on time

    Moreover, the battery drains very very fast from 5% to 1%. Usually phones(e.g. ZenFone) are optimised to sustain the last 5% and drain extremely slowly. But it is not so with Mark 1 which drains the last 5% faster.

  • Network lock patch, was a big miss in this update.

    The new features can keep coming once a month. But important patches need to fixed on weekly or biweekly basis.

  • i feel like the battery is draining faster then ever, for instance today at morning the battery dropped to around 30% from 70% in merely 3-4 hours(on sleep mind you) and then again now when the battery was at 24% i put the phone into flight mode and turned the battery saver mode on but the results were quite minimal. Moreover it has happened twice that the phone was not charging but dropped couple of percents, though it was properly plugged in and the signs were all up. Please Creo look into that @administrators @CREO-Support

  • @abbykoshy Yes i am with abby Creo can add new updates in a month, Creo needs resolve oe identify Fule OS bugs solution ASAP. May be in a week or on daily basis.

  • First of all Creo need to find proper and best solution for Battery Draining. Because of if battery loose it power like this and we charge phone twice in a day, Mark 1 battery life will be destroy.

  • @asclch2 agree it’s like fast charging and fast draining

  • @asclch2 Bro you and all as per basic concept never get full solution…Heliox x10 with qhd screen main reason of battery drain…Mediatek Heliox series powerfull but same time power need to much…So when qhd screen run with this processor 3100 mah battery not good atlast need 4100mah…Request creo team to provide root option Official way without void warranty then use Greenify or other apps battery life increase 20-30%…My experience with moto g also this trick work on mi4i…And wait if creo add any extra battery saveing feature…

  • @arka2020 correct✌

  • @arka2020 Good bro. I like your solution, but we have same configuration products in a market and they have very well battery life. Some of i. e. Xaiomi redmi note 2, HTC one m9+, Leeco S1. Really an of miui or xaiomi. Xaiomi one of the company first time launch his products in market & company goes on boom level. CREO need to take example frim them.

  • Here is not a mean CREO not doing well.

  • One more bug find it in Mark 1. You can not able to take backup of you contact. Right click button not doing work. One more thing for delete contact or import and export contact SELECT ALL options is missing.

  • @asclch2 Lg and miui optimize high level their os so users never face any lag issue or battery backup problem…But Old model letv 1s not the new version just launched has also battery problem still after received update provide 5-6 hours backup…But yes heating issue all solved…

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