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  • I have a few issues about the phone that I would like to raise…
    Screen lock misbehaves if I use the phone to frequently by locking and unlocking it, sometimes the screen does not lock but remains open.
    When using rear camera, the screen dims frequently.
    When taking photos from inside shade or shelter, the image looks dark.
    Camera frequently hangs in quick photo mode.
    Photo mode icons are not easily understood.
    Calculator is a simple one without memory features
    Pressing clear in recent apps does not work frequently and I have to swipe each app individually, also the close button on the thumbnails do not respond in such circumstances.
    Very oddly, with three finger gesture for screenshot capture, when the phone remains in shirt pocket (locked), the screen comes alive and a screenshot is captured without my touching the screen, this does not happen when the gesture is turned off.
    Problem of Phone heating up persists when using location services, in other cases, the heating is not that much.

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