Best photo of the day/week: Photo contest for CREO Mark 1 users

  • CREO Mark 1 has perhaps one of the best cameras available for the Smartphone users, and many of us, use that camera for taking pictures which we want everyone to see because they are so good. How can we solve this problem of not getting enough views?

    • CREO page already has thousands of followers yet CREO doesn’t post a lot of things on Facebook other than updates.
    • I believe, CREO wants to highlight how good their camera is and also the new photo editor called ‘Enhance’
    • So why not let users submit their photos to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram with the #MarkMyPhoto
      and then people at CREO will post 5 photos they have shortlisted everyday, and users can then upvote the photo that they like most, and the photo with the most likes will be Photo of the week from CREO Mark 1
    • Other than bragging rights, CREO may want to throw in a free-bee so that more people are encouraged to enter this contest.

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