Prepaid Call History with Amount spent

  • For Prepaid users there is no call history which displays the amount spent.

    Following places can be updated to display this details,

    1. There can be separate app to display the call history with amount spent details.
    2. Or Phone app can be updated to have separate tab to display amount details.
    3. Amount details can also be embed in Call Details for each call.
    4. Additional features like recharge done and analytics can be captured and displayed.



    @eceprabhu Thanks for the suggestion. Product team is already thinking on similar lines around a few features to help users with the amount that they spend on voice/data

  • Product Team

    @eceprabhu Thank you for your suggestion. We have been thinking of ways to make the life of Pre-paid users easier.

    We have just put out an update for this month which includes a data saving feature. It’ll allow you to restrict background data for specific apps. Please update your Mark 1 and keep the feedback coming.

  • Thanks for the quick reply guys. Already Refueled to in the early hours :smiley:

    Eagerly waiting for the next update with Countdown and Prepaid features. Carry on the great work guys :thumbsup: