Some new suggestions for next update

    1. How about adding a new home screen (optional) which will show all the news feed from Facebook and latest news articles to keep us updated. The screen will also comprise of the place we are at and be ready to navigate. Can store the frequent contacts as well if need to.
    2. Also how about reply to mail by voice and mail reading.
    3. Why am I unable to move anything in gallery from one folder to another??
      Either provide a solution to this or include this in update. This is really a basic feature which should have always been available.
    4. is it possible to make it multi touch via updates. If yes, kindly do the same and allow it to operate multiple tabs at once with the screen size configurable for each tab. For example, if i want to do some calculations based on a mail k receive, i can open a calculator tab and the mail at the same time on the screen and just see from the mail and do the operations on calculator.
    5. call blocking is a feature that is quite common in almost all the phones and this phone is missing it. Just from a safety perspective.
    6. play video with subtitles.
    7. a music player of own where it is possible to edit audios as well. By editing I Mean mixing of audios, trimming them, shortening, adding.
    8. some new themes and choices for personalization
    9. some new live wallpapers, why only android live wallpapers are available. I thought creo would like to give some of their own
    10. video editing should be possible
    11. creating a video Playlist should be possible. I should not play videos one by one when I want them to play in a sequence.
    12. @administrators @CREO-Team when can we expect android marshmallow 6.0.1 update??

    Thats all for now will keep posting more things. Please follow this and answer to 12 point. I would love if people add their opinions as well. If some of the said features are already available please inform me about the same

  • Some more things:

    1. i can see that notification light displays different colors for different notifications.
      But it shows green for both messages and mails. Is it configurable?? If not can it be made?? One more thing, the notification led sometimes become a huge headache. For example, when the battery is low, it’ll keep on blinking red and consume battery even more and the biggest pain is that itni cant be turned off . Ain’t it better if it can be turned off??
    2. obviously it is possible to configure notification sound but why is it not possible to configure different sounds for different notifications?? Please make it possible.

  • A very basic update - SWYPE KEYBOARD… please include this in next update

  • How about CREO themes for wallpaper of home screen and lockscreen

  • @abhishek-pradhan Swype is available as Gesture Typing which can be enabled by changing preference of Google keyboard.


  • Marshmellow would be good choice.

  • @sureshn
    Thanks bud

  • @Akash-Gupta for moving one file from one folder to another, just select the file, go to the desired destination, top side there will be 3 dots. Click on that and select " move selected files"

  • @ssarrinn it’s not working.
    can you please write step by step. maybe i am missing something here.

  • I am moving the image from dowloads to backup folder. 0_1463706328175_Screenshot_2016-05-20-06-32-43.png

  • Go to destination and click the 3 dots at the lower left side. Copy selection here option0_1463706465007_Screenshot_2016-05-20-06-32-50.png

  • @ssarrinn you’re doing this in file manager
    I am asking how to do it in the gallery??

  • @Akash-Gupta my s4 mini also couldnt copy from the gallery… Does gallery show folders? They display only images… But that option will be nice

  • @ssarrinn htc used to allow me to do so. i don’t know why is creo missing on such basic features

  • Guys, I thought the benefit of having an android experience close to stock is that you can download apps as per your liking. You are not restricted to using the video player, keyboard, wallpapers or even the file manager they ship with. Just find the one you like on Google play store and customize your phone to your liking.

    There is no way they can make every app as per everyone’s liking. And if they add all these features, the apps would be super heavy and I would hate you all for it 😁.

    However for system/OS wide changes, I understand, you can’t do much there I suppose.

  • App locker

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