CREO is teasing some new update

  • just saw this post on Twitter from CREO handle. What is it? New update feature?

  • Some kind of data mode or no disturb mode is what I can see from the logo used

  • yes maybe does @arka2020 @Nikhil-Bhagia or @Anirudha-Dhawale have any idea?

  • It appears to be somewhat related to Mobile Data and heavy app users.
    What do you guys think @Anirudha-Dhawale @Vikas412 @saran @Akash-Gupta ?

  • Looks like the following features based on the twitter ad.

    Auto Silent mode/Auto push calls to Echo based on your calendar status 
    New camera update (May be UI or more features) 
    More control on the data how it is being used by the Apps ? 
    More EMOJI icons… 


  • @sleykingfes Can you provide the link for the twitter ad please?

  • @sleykingfes judging by the tweets, May Update looks quite promising.
    @CREO-Team can we get more info about the updates lined up?

  • @misteryogi it appears like customisable echo voice commands fr each profile…
    The also spoke abt few upcoming updates during their launch date… That includes a photo editor, battery improvement, data manager and privacy manager, creo theme centre and lastly i heard they r workng on an improved media player…
    Hooe they come up with one of the bst updates… Good luck team…

  • Thanks CREO team to give us information about marshmallow update and yes if on 13th may it will be great as on 13th may my net pack expires😮😶😛

  • @saran what about network lock mode? This phone is worse without network locking mode.

  • @Neelam-Laxman may be… Lets wait for the nxt update…

  • @misteryogi it sounds like data restricted mode.
    Which will helpful for limited data users. ✌

  • I wasn’t taking these guys seriously till I saw this teaser on Twitter. Now I am, because have these guys started bringing out features that are in Android-N?!?! In the last preview of Android-N, there was some data saver mode. If it is so, then the monthly updates may actually be the latest features in the entire Android ecosystem!

  • surely working hard on their promise

  • @saran wait is over where is y

  • Just to clear your doubts folks
    It is something sort of a data manager where you can restrict certain apps to use data and save yourself from adds.
    Formerly it was possible to restrict background data and not foreground data. This data manager allows you to do both.
    And i dont know if it also allows you to allocate a certain amount of bandwidth for an app but that was something which was intentional while suggesting this feature…

  • @Akash-Gupta u updated???

  • @Neelam-Laxman dnt wry… It would reach u tday

  • @saran nope, I didn’t update it
    I was the one to suggest this feature

  • where is the update???

  • Nothing SPL about the update . . .

  • Team Creo @saran, waiting for update feeling bored and repeatedly checking of update is irritating. Where is the update? Give us specific time for update.

  • Updated a moment ago, will have to test the new features, some are needed improvements, others are features already available in other phones… Mostly on expected lines. For those of you feeling cheated after great expectations, we must remember that when the company is offering regular updates, they can’t put everything best in one update, to keep you interested, it will all happen in small doses, anyway thanks for the update creo, keep fine tuning, with these specs, software is the key to continuing success

  • There is no update i checked repeatedly, where is the update?

  • @Satheesh-Kumar heating issue solved?

  • @Sunny-Khilare heating cannot be solved in any phones without compromising the design and spec , so let’s not expect much in this part . Though heating can be reduced , which is too early to judge on this update.
    Phone gets hot Only when charging , not much while using though .

    I saw the update download alreary when I got up this morning .

    Data saver - very basic APp, just restrict unwanted apps runnung background while on data . .

    Selfe camera - nice trick to get flash while taking pic :p . The full screen turns white flashing light on your face while camera taking your picture :) I appreciate it

    Sense is evolving , loving it

    Battery enhancements , should wait and see

    Gallery edits , loving it .

    Expected -
    Data saver-
    -Should add data speed monitor on the notification bar
    -please add automatically turn off data after reaching daily average use based on mmonthly plan

    Camera -
    More control over macro focus , camera enhancements on the app

  • @CREO-Support at what time we can expect the update today , till now i didn’t get the update :worried:


    The May Fuel OS update goes live in few hours from now :+1:

  • @Subodhk in a few hours?

  • Doesn’t look like they are stuck with issues since @Pradeep-Jayabal got his and looks happy! I’m sure there’s a mahurat. It is Friday the 13th after all!

    @Pradeep-Jayabal Are you a beta user or something? I also didn’t get my update

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