network net mode issue

  • I was using my phone but after few days i saw that net is going from 3g to 2g and after 5mins went to 3g i tested another sim of same network on other phone went alright.aircel sim

  • Same issue …have complained of network lock already… Lets wait for a fix

  • @chrispaddy yeah let’s wait for the fix

  • And yes ussd i have to dial twice the call button to see the balance.

  • Seriously network mode selection is not good. Request to Creo team for resolved the issue as earliest. And network searching is also not much good response is very late.

  • @CREO-Support @Product-Team @Feature-Ninja Feature-Ninja network issue and adaptive display didnt get fixed…only flickeribg got fixed…hope u guys are looking into this

  • Team Creo pliz solve the network mode selection as much as possible.

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