Message and call suggestion

  • When we reject a call by message give option to send this message by whatsapp or other services.Now day normal and most users donot recharge sms pack so not affordable to send message by normal cost so this feature very much useful for most customers…This idea unique and also give a nice shape of calling option in fuel os.


    @arka2020 If you cant attend the call, would you mind putting that call on Echo Mode?

  • Echo mode nice idea but still few time if need users also able to free sms by this feature…and i donot have device so echo idea not clear so no comment but my suggestion main base is that if a user get a call donot able to ans just go to option and send a free whatsapp or other service message at free of cost…All device provide end call by message option but if add whatsapp or other service to send message idea so unique…

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