New feature for mark 1 or its successor in future

  • I believe Creo’s mark 1 is just phone that would win any gladiator match straight on with any company.
    But mark 1 still lags on some piece of hardware from comparison of other flagships though

    Rear camera is absolutely flawless but about the front facing camera the image capture has some information issues since it is 8 MP but it still beats all other phones on its range except the chinese company ( Xiomi) :)

    Fingerprint Sensor : even though Mark 1 super premium in look n design. It still lags on this new piece of hardware . Please do upgrade this feature into mark 1 future versions or next flag ship of urs <3

    About the Performance : ( this one thing i got stomped on my face before my family and friends )
    my cousin had Xiomi note 3 ( Rs. 10000 or so ) . i was suggesting my father to buy this phone .
    then my cousin called his friend took his handset ( Creo Mark 1) . Started " Gods among Us" game. Xiomi note 3 started immediately but Creo i thought it would be the fastest stuck on the first page :( . After starting the game he went onto action in his xiomi ( no lag and its 10k :/ ) and while on the creo’s mark 1 he started playing the lag was much i could belive my eyes :(
    my father opted out creo mark 1. :( :(
    Upgrade chipset or the software which makes the game or software lags

    Final touch : Install Fingerprint sensor
    Upgrade Front Camera
    Upgrade Chipset or sotware that makes gaming super smooth:smile:issuesiss

  • @Jeeva yeah man you are correct,battery is not good really drains fast and performance should be fixed because it has the req. Hardware

  • Bro in 3100 mah battery with qhd screen and heliox x10 processor to hard to provide long battery life yes by update able to increase few %…If they provide full hd screen with this processor then 100% this device lag free plus battery life also increase…
    Thank you…

  • @arka2020 guys believe in Creo, they will definitely fix all the bugs.

  • As 1st device they try best i think in future before launch they discuss with us about parts we want,design etc…