Good Phone to use ...Some more bugs and suggestions .. Can be fixed via updates

  • With the headphones on , the phone still rings on its speakers.
    Delay in screen lighting up when a call comes and when you put it to charge
    No option to select all to delete in contacts
    Random screen freezes if you try and use phone while charging
    Screen flickers at low brightness

    Improvements suggested are as below

    Duplicate contact merge
    Option to deny access to apps , permission control
    Screenshot option in the notification drop down
    Adaptive brightness in the drop down
    Battery saver and Super saver modes in toggle
    LED colour options
    Colours for symbols in the notification bar as well instead of all white

    More suggestions as usage increases.

    All in all a superb effort and a good phone…No issues that cant be fixed via patches or updates. No Hardware glitches that I have come across so far !!!

  • I can’t use echo. It says the dialer had crashed each time I try to listen to an echo voice message

  • Camera doesn’t perform good in low light

  • Yeah… I just tried Asus 13 mp camera… It has way better images… Can we add some extra settings to the camera app like beautification modes in Asus? It would be great @sai-srinivas @CREO-Support
    I think the camera app needs a lot of improvement for a 21 mp camera

  • Product Team

    @ssarrinn Please write to me and share some more details regarding this issue.

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